Spaenaur Catalog 14 - Digital Flipping Catalog

CATALOG 14 P P : 1-800-265-8772 F : 1-888-252-6380 www. .com Hand / Machine Taps Information P50 P DISTRIBUTION NETWORK See the following two pages for more FEW Tap selections. In 1940 taps and threading tools became part of the product range and by 1954, the company was specializing in the manufacture of these tools. Over eighty years of tap manufacturing experience and development of extensive distribution networks have enabled customers in over 40 countries to benefit from a wide range of tools offered. Modern production facilities and ongoing product development, ensure that the reputation earned over three-quarters of a century will continue to grow. Straight Flute – Standard and Serial sets for Hand Tapping. Straight Flute – Machine Taps for Through or Blind Holes. Spiral Point – Machine Taps for Through Holes. Spiral Flute – Machine Taps for Blind Holes, available in Slow Standard and Fast Helixes. Polygon – A Fluteless Tap for rolling a Threadform in Ductile materials. HISTORY The FRENCH ENGINEERING WORKS (PTY) LIMITED was established in 1918 to manufacture rock drill spares for the mining industry. The Swiss origin and technical background of the owner, Herman Moser, instilled a pride in quality and precision which persists to the present day. STOCK RANGE * FEW manufactures a comprehensive range of Threading Tools in various norms laid down by ISO 529/2284, JIS B4430 and DIN 371/376/374/5156. * Taps are produced in various HIGH SPEED STEELS for both HAND and MACHINE tapping. FEW is one of the first companies in the world to manufacture taps from HSSE-V or M9V. FEW also manufactures Long Shank Taps, Pipe Taps, Nut Taps, etc. Taps in the FEW Standard Range are available in: Metric – M (metric Course) MF (metric Fine). American – UNC, UNF, NC, NF, UNEF, UNS. Whitworth – BSW, BSF, BA, BSC, BSB. Pipe – G (BSP Mechanical), Rp (BSP Leakproof), Rc (Pipe Conical), NPS, NPSF (Dryseal), NPT, NPTF (Dryseal), NGT, API. products are distributed in Canada by SPAENAUR INC. FEW has set up a distribution network of stocking distributors in selected key areas around the world. These distributors carry a broad range of products and therefore ensure speedy service to all parts of the world. 19 jan 2018 Information sur les tarauds machine / manuels F : 1- 8-252-6380 service@spaenaur © 2018 Spaenaur Inc. All rights reserved. Catalog may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, without the written permission of Spaenaur Inc. Subject to Catalog Terms and Conditions of Use available at and on page TC2 and TC3 at the back of this catalog. © 2018 Spaenaur Inc. Tous droits réservés. Le catalogue ne peut être reproduit, en tout ou en partie, sans l’autorisation écrite de Spaenaur Inc. L’utilisation est soumise aux Conditions d’utilisation du Catalogue disponibles sur et à la page TC4 et TC5 à la fin de ce catalogue.