Spaenaur Catalog 14 - Digital Flipping Catalog

For Installation Tool & Dies see Page M26 CINCH FASTENING TOOL Brass — Black Nickel Finish SNAP FASTENERS Brass — Nickel Plated ATTACHING TOOLS with 3/8" Arbor for 876-830 Hand Press See page M26 for Bench Press (64C socket is no longer available.) SPAENAUR No. Fits Fastener QTY. PKG 876-014 106-100 876-015 106-101 876-016 106-W04-1T 876-017 106-W05-1K 3501-T VELTREX — Vintage type CARPET FASTENERS Socket is fastened to carpet by means of a pronged ring. When attached, ring is con- cealed in nap of carpet.Will not bend or break under pressure of stepping on fastener. See M24 for Snap Fasteners ® 106-W15-1N Socket 106-195 Pronged Ring 27/64" 1/8" 15/32" 3/32" 15/32" 1/64" 1/8" .155" 15/32" 1/8" 1/64" 13/64" 106-100 OPEN FRONT 106-101 SOCKET 106-W04-1T STUD 106-W05-1K EYELET 1 1 1 1 PKG QTY. 100 PKG QTY. 1 PKG QTY. 100 LOWER DIE HOLDER 9902-T 192-T BENCH TOOLS PKG QTY. 1 (ALL ITEMS ON THIS PAGE) SPAENAUR No. SPAENAUR No. CHUCK DIE HOLDER For 3/8" Shank Dia. Upper Die. For 3/8" Shank Dia. Dies CATALOG 14 M P : 1-800-265-8772 F : 1-888-252-6380 www. .com Inch Pouce Snap Fasteners / Grommets / Installation Tools M28 19 JAN 2018 Snap Fastener Dies CAP SOCKET STUD EYELET (Bottom) (Top) (Top) (Bottom) SPAENAUR SPAENAUR SPAENAUR SPAENAUR No. No. No. No. 876-831 876-832 876-833 876-834 SPAENAUR No. 876-830 Fermoirs à pression / Passe-fils / Outils d'installation F : 1- 8-252-6380 service@spaenaur © 2018 Spaenaur Inc. All rights reserved. Catalog may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, without the written permission of Spaenaur Inc. Subject to Catalog Terms and Conditions of Use available at and on page TC2 and TC3 at the back of this catalog. © 2018 Spaenaur Inc. Tous droits réservés. Le catalogue ne peut être reproduit, en tout ou en partie, sans l’autorisation écrite de Spaenaur Inc. L’utilisation est soumise aux Conditions d’utilisation du Catalogue disponibles sur et à la page TC4 et TC5 à la fin de ce catalogue.