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CATALOG 14 M P : 1-800-265-8772 F : 1-888-252-6380 www. .com Inch and Metric Pouce et Métrique Velcro ® Fasteners M2 VELSTICK ® semi-rigid FASTENER Furnished in separate, mating components EDGECLIP FASTENERS Black Nylon Hook Tape on rigid Clear Vinyl. Type of SPAENAUR PKG QTY. Hook No. (1.2 metre lgths.) Hook 88 Tape 888-230 16 lengths NYLON HOOK 88 25 mm wide x 1.2 metres long (1" x 4') NYLON LOOP 1000 25 mm wide x 1.2 metres long (1" x 4') – A rigid vinyl extrusion with a 24 mm wide face and a 18 mm wide overhang. VELCRO ® hook tape is permanently attached to the face. – To install, simply slip onto the open edge of any rigid material. – Available in 1.2 metre (4') lengths. – Available with all woven “Hook 88” tape and Arrowhead Hook tape. Designed for mechanical attachment with staples, tacks, rivets, screws, etc., or for retention in a channel. Readily cut with shears, or drilled or punched as may be required. In many instances, only one VELSTICK ® component is used in conjunction with the mating VELCRO ® tape component. As an example, an elevator carpet installation would utilize a VELSTICK ® component on the floor of the cab while the mating tape component would be glued or stiched to the underside of the carpet. Other similar uses would be access panels, valances, removable upholstery for commercial seating, cushion and pad placement on examining tables and charts, picture and wall hangings for both the home and industry. Furnished in lengths of 25 mm wide x 1.2 m long. VELSTICK ® SEMI-RIGID FASTENER SPAENAUR No. HOOK 88 LOOP 1000 PKG COLOUR 25 mm x 1.2 m 25 mm x 1.2 m QTY. Black 888-030 888-130 16 lengths White 888-A01-1X 888-199 16 lengths All Components Packed Separately. Order by SPAENAUR No. EDGECLIP FASTENER ATTACHE EDGECLIP VELCOIN ® HOOK AND LOOP FASTENER 22 mm (7/8") Diameter With Pressure-Sensitive ADHESIVE BACKING Width: 3/4" Width: 1" Width: 2" PKG (approx. 19 mm) (approx. 25 mm) (approx. 50 mm) QTY. SPAENAUR No. SPAENAUR No. SPAENAUR No. *COLOUR Hook 88 Loop 1000 Hook 88 Loop 1000 Hook 88 Loop 1000 Black 888-559 888-659 888-A13-1X 888-661 888-A03-1P 888-A04-1Y White 888-560 888-660 888-562 888-662 888-564 888-664 *Other colours available - Request for Quote. Hook and Loop must be ordered separately. Specially die punched pressure sensitive adhesive backed Velcro fasteners. To attach simply peel Velcoin from protective backing and apply directly to a clean, dry substrate (instant bonding). SPAENAUR No. HOOK 88 LOOP 1000 COLOUR 22 mm dia. 22 mm dia. Black 888-210 888-310 White 888-225 888-325 Pressure sensitive pre-coats should always be considered semi-permanent bonds. NYLON LOOP 1000 (PILE) NYLON HOOK 88 VELCRO ® Pressure-Sensitive Backing (Peel-off Style) Pressure sensitive pre-coats are popular because of the ease of application. Simply remove the release medium and press VELCRO ® tape in place, on a clean, oil free surface. 25 Yards PKG QTY. 100 19 JAN 2018 VELCRO ® and VELCOIN ® are registered trade marks Fermoirs Velcro MD F : 1- 8-252-6380 service@spaenaur © 2018 Spaenaur Inc. All rights reserved. Catalog may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, without the written permission of Spaenaur Inc. Subject to Catalog Terms and Conditions of Use available at and on page TC2 and TC3 at the back of this catalog. © 2018 Spaenaur Inc. Tous droits réservés. Le catalogue ne peut être reproduit, en tout ou en partie, sans l’autorisation écrite de Spaenaur Inc. L’utilisation est soumise aux Conditions d’utilisation du Catalogue disponibles sur et à la page TC4 et TC5 à la fin de ce catalogue.