Spaenaur Catalog 14 - Digital Flipping Catalog

CATALOG 14 B P : 1-800-265-8772 F : 1-888-252-6380 www. .com Inch Pouce Screws & Bolts (General Data) B2 DIAMETER UNC COARSE UNF FINE OF BOLT THREAD THREAD (INCHES) SERIES SERIES No. 0 - 80 No. 1 64 72 No. 2 56 64 No. 3 48 56 No. 4 40 48 No. 5 40 44 No. 6 32 40 No. 8 32 36 No. 10 24 32 No. 12 24 28 DIAMETER UNC COARSE UNF FINE OF BOLT THREAD THREAD (INCHES) SERIES SERIES 1-1/8 7 12 1-1/4 7 12 1-3/8 6 12 1-1/2 6 12 1-3/4 52 4-1/22-1/4 4-1/22-1/2 42-3/4 43 4DIAMETER UNC COARSE UNF FINE OF BOLT THREAD THREAD (INCHES) SERIES SERIES 1/4 20 28 5/16 18 24 3/8 16 24 7/16 14 20 1/2 13 20 9/16 12 18 5/8 11 18 3/4 10 16 7/8 9 14 1 8 14 (12)* THREADS - MACHINE SCREW AND BOLT SIZES NUMBER OF THREADS PER INCH - UNIFIED STANDARD Coarse Thread Series, Class 2A Fit, recommended for general bolt use. HOW TO MEASURE *Indicates number of threads per inch for Unified Fine (1"-12 thread is U.N.F. standard. However 1"-14 thread is popular demand and generally stocked in place of 1"-12.) CORROSION GUIDE - see pages R15-R18. The length of screws and bolts is measured from the largest diameter of the bearing surface to the extreme point. LENGTH LENGTH OVAL ROUND FLAT BINDING FILLISTER TRUSS HEXAGON HEX. SLOT CARRIAGE SIZES Items with SPAENAURpart numbers listed on the following pages are considered to be off-the-shelf sizes. Other special sizes andmaterials are available, usually in production quantities. Let us know your requirements, and we will gladly quote. MATERIALS Headings on each page indicate the materials we stock—steel, brass, stainless steel, nylon, etc. Other materials, i.e., special stainless, bronze, plastics, etc., are available on special order. Please ensure that the correct material is being ordered for your requirement. FINISHES Standard stocked finishes applying to each are indicated in the headings or footnotes on each page. Other finishes can be supplied special to order at additional cost. Due to environmental reasons and high costs, cadmium electroplate is being phased out by the fastener industry. PACKING METRIC and INCH Inch products are indicated inBLACKprint. Metric products are indicated inBLUE print. 22 JAN 2018 All items can be supplied in standard unit packages or in bulk. When ordering very large quantities for manufacturing purposes, it will pay to specify bulk packing. Vis et boulons (Information générale) F : 1- 8-252-6380 service@spaenaur © 2018 Spaenaur Inc. All rights reserved. Catalog may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, without the written permission of Spaenaur Inc. Subject to Catalog Terms and Conditions of Use available at and on page TC2 and TC3 at the back of this catalog. © 2018 Spaenaur Inc. Tous droits réservés. Le catalogue ne peut être reproduit, en tout ou en partie, sans l’autorisation écrite de Spaenaur Inc. L’utilisation est soumise aux Conditions d’utilisation du Catalogue disponibles sur et à la page TC4 et TC5 à la fin de ce catalogue.