Spaenaur Catalog 14 - Digital Flipping Catalog

# 2-Ear Clamp A102 A Assortment Boxes, Empty A120-125, A139-140 Automotive Fasteners A43 AVK® A67-68 AVK® Inserts & Tools, Assortments A67-68 AWAB Hose Clamps A101 B Barb-Sert® A68 A68 Bins, Steel, & Storage A127, A129-137 Blind Rivet A85 Boxes, Metal & Plastic A2-4, A120-125, A129, A139-140 Boxes, Security A136 Bumper, rubber A114 Bushing A113, A115 C Cabinets, Metal A126-136 Clevis Pin A90 Coiled Spring Pin A94 A94-95 Compartment Boxes Plastic A124-125, A133, A139-140 Concrete Anchor A66 Cotter Pin A86-87 A87-88 Countr-Bor A52 D Dowel Pin A90 A90-91 Drain Plug A107 Drawers, Metal A120-123, A129 Durham Storage Hardware A120-138 E E-Z LOK® A69 A69 F Fibre Washer A73 Flat Washer A72-73 A74-75 G Grease Fitting A107-108 A108 Gripper Clip A100 Grommet, Rubber A115-116 H Hair Pin A89 HeliCoil® A70 A71 Hex Head Cap Screw A44-49 A49-51 Hex Nut A60 A60-61 Hex Socket Cap Screw A52, A56 A52-55, A57-58 Hitch Pin A88-89 A88 Hole Plug A112-113 Hose Clamp A100-101 Hose Clamp Racks A134 L L•9® Fastening System A47 Locknut A61 A62 Lynch Pin A89 A89 M Machine Screw A25-29, A33 A30-34 Marine Fastener A119 N Nord-Lock® Washers A80 A80 O Organizer Cabinets A135 O-Ring A116-117 A117-118 P Panel Nut A65 A64 Plastic, Boxes A4, A124-125, A139-140 Plug Button A107 Pop® Rivet A85-86 R Racks, Literature A137 Retaining Ring A96-98 A99 Rope Storage A138 S Security Boxes A136 Self-Drilling Screw A40 Shaft Key A96 Shear-Loc® A59-60 A59-60 Shim Rings A83-84 Slide Racks (Storage) A2-3 Soldering Terminal A103 Solderless Terminal A104-106 Split Washer A72, A75 A73, A76 Spool Racks A138 Spring Tension Pin A92-93 A92-93 Spring Tension Washer A81-82 A81-82 Spring, Extension & Compression A109-111 Square Head Set Screw A57 A58 Storage Cabinets A126-129 T Tampruf™ Screw A41 Taper Pin A91 A91 Tapping Screw A25, A35-40 Thread-Cutting Screw A41 Thumbscrew A59 Tinnerman® Spring Nut A63 Tooth Lockwasher A77-78 A78-80 Torx® A42 W Well Nut® A65 A65 Wing Nut A62 Wire Spool Racks A138 Wood Screw A34 Woodruff Key A95 A95-96 English Index A P : 1-800-265-8772 F : 1-888-252-6380 Section Index A141 Product Inch Metric Product Inch Metric Spaenaur reserves the right to substitute parts in any assortment without notice. For any questions or suggestions about our Assortments and Plastikits, please contact us 1-800-265-8772. © 2018 Spaenaur Inc. All rights reserved. Catalog may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, without the written permission of Spaenaur Inc. Subject to Catalog Terms and Conditions of Use available at and on page TC2 and TC3 at the back of this catalog. Spaenaur se réserve le droit de remplacer des pièces dans n’importe quel assortiment sans préavis. Pour toute question ou suggestion concernant nos Assortiments et Plastikits, veuillez nous contacter au 1-800-265-8772. © 2018 Spaenaur Inc. Tous droits réservés. Le catalogue ne peut être reproduit, en tout ou en partie, sans l’autorisation écrite de Spaenaur Inc. L’utilisation est soumise aux Conditions d’utilisation du Catalogue disponibles sur et à la page TC4 et TC5 à la fin de ce catalogue. CATALOG 14.05 2019/12/18